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Stroitelnaya 3, Saransk, Republik of Mordovia, Russia, 430001
Tel. +7 927 2760576, fax +7 8342 482769, e-mail: info@icopticenergo.ru

Information letter

Our company – “Opticenergo ” Test Laboratory  – renders assistance during certification of cable products as well as during their acceptance according to “Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System”, “Rosseti” and “Gazpromcert”  systems.

In the framework of the company there is a Body that is in charge of confirmation of compliance of cable products and a Test Center. A number of experts work for the body on a full-time basis (including an expert in GAZPROMCERT voluntary certification, reg. number  ГО00.RU.3179)

“Opticenergo” Test Laboratory is accredited by the Federal Service for Accreditation (“Rosaccreditation”) for technical competence and independence and put on the register of accredited test laboratories (accreditation certificate No.РОСС RU.0001.21КБ29). Accreditation covers cables, wires for electric power lines, telecommunication cables, including fiber-optic cables, fixtures for power lines.

 “Opticenergo” Test Laboratory can provide the following test procedures:

  • certification tests for compliance with the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union 004/2011 “On Safety of Low-voltage Equipment”;
  • tests for purposes of acceptance of cable products for “Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System” Public Joint Stock Company and “Rosseti” Public Joint Stock Company;
  • tests for certification in GAZPROMCERT voluntary certification system;
  • in GOST R certification system during obligatory and voluntary certification as well as during declaring;
  • in Telecommunication system during declaring of telecommunication cables, including optic cables;

The equipment of “Opticenergo” Test Laboratory is accepted by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, which allows to carry out tests on cable products in the field of defense and safety.

“Opticenergo” Test Laboratory provides a complete complex of tests for cable products in respect of electrical and optic parameters, determines resistance to climate and mechanical effects, including:

  • tensile strength
  • mechanical breaking strength
  • temperature cycling
  • bends and excessive bends
  • axial curlings and impacts
  • crushing forces
  • galloping (dancing) and aeolian vibration
  • creep
  • icing
  • tracking resistance
  • solar irradiation etc.

For the purpose of expanding of provided services and the quality of provided testing procedures the experimental facilities of “Opticenergo” Test Laboratory are being constantly developed and improved.

We are always ready to improve existing equipment or manufacture specialized equipment in order to provide compliance to the required testing techniques.

“Opticenergo” Test Laboratory carries out all types of tests on fire safety, including those for certification for the Technical Regulations on Fire Safety Requirements (Federal law dd. July 22nd, 2008 No. 123-ФЗ):

  • flame retardance with a single wiring;
  • flame retardance with a bunched wiring;
  • determination of degree of fire resistance;
  • smoke generation during burning and smoldering;
  • determination of the amount of haloid acid gases;
  • determination of degree of acidity of generated gases by measuring of рН and specific conductivity.

We are looking to cooperate with you! We will be glad to see you and your guests in our laboratory during testing procedures.

Yours faithfully,
Director of “Opticenergo” Test Laboratory LLC
Аndrey Taranov